How do I use a database in my website?

 Log in on the control panel as described in “ How do I obtain access to my web hosting control panel?

 Select "databases"



Here you can select an existing database or create a new one.

Click on "Add New Database"


Give a name to the database, create an administration account and select "Next" at the bottom right of the screen


You will need to use the names you choose here (including the prefixes which are added automatically by the system) in your website to obtain access to the database

 Click "Finished" in the following screen

The same screen also allows you to remove a database (select a database and click "Delete")


 To manage a database, click the name of the database



Select "Edit" to change the characteristics of your database (disk space, etc.)

In case required, you can make the database accessible from internet by selecting the checkbox next to 'Access from external hosts'

To add  user accounts to the database, choose "Users" and Click add new Users

You can also access your database via phpmyadmin.
Click on your database name and then click the link as marked below:
This will open following phpmyadmin window.