How to install a SSL Certificate on Linux Sharedhosting?

The generic steps to install the certificate are following

1. Upload the certificate

2. install SSL certificate

 These are the steps in more details.

To upload the certificate, login to the control panel and click on Accounts

Click on more tools

 Click on 'SSL Certificated'

Upload your certificate by clicking on the 'Upload' button. The certificate should be 1 file. Please follow the guidelines from the certificate provide to make sure all intermediate certificates are in this file.

now click on SSL tab


you need to click on "Install Certificate" 

Select "Repository" and click next.

Then select the proper certificate and click next

Then click on finish to complete the installation.

after installation your website will be protected with a SSL certificate.


If a CA certificate is also required for your certificate provider, please install it also by clicking in install CA certificate:


Follow the procedure as before.