How do I protect a part of my website (Windows)?

Log in on your shared hosting control panel. How do I obtain access to my web hosting control panel?


Click "Website management"



Click “Web users”



Click "Add user"



Select "New service user" and click Next



In the next screen, fill in the login, password and display name and click "Finished"



 NB: As soon as a website has one user with protected access, the whole website is protected.

If you do not want this, you can reactivate the "anonymous access" setting as follows


Go back to "Website management"

 Click "More tools" and then "Security Settings"


Here you can see that Anonymous access is deactivated:


Click Edit and reactivate "Anonymous access" so your website is accessible again.


Afterwards you can configure the permissions of certain folders via the file manager so that, for example, the access to an "admin" directory is blocked for the anonymous user.

 You do this as follows in the file manager