How to manage FTP users?

Log in on your Web hosting account as described in " How do I obtain access to my web hosting control panel?"


Select "Manage Website"

NB: “Manage website” is only visible if you have already linked a domain name with your web hosting subscription. If you have not yet done this, take a look in the following article: How do i link a domain name with my web hosting?


Select “FTP access”

A default user is available and can be used (general tab). To know the password, click reset password.

or a new user can be created by clicking on the Users TAB

Next, click "Users" and "Add new user". Note that the number of additional users that can be added depends on the subscription chosen.

 Fill in all details and click "Submit"

In case you want you can generate a password. After that you clicked on Generate the password will be shown just like above in the screenshot.

At this moment the FTP user is ready to be used. Use your standard FTP program to upload your files to the webserver. We support normal FTP and FTPS


A additional user can be used for instance to provide specific access on a part of your website.