How do I put my own website online?

Log in on your web hosting subscription as described in How do I obtain access to my web hosting control panel?


Select "Website management"


NB: “Website management” is only visible if you have already linked a domain name with your web hosting subscription. If you have not yet done this, take a look in the following article: How do i link a domain name with my web hosting?



Select “FTP access”


Click the link above to launch an FTP session in your browser.


If you are using an FTP application to log in on your hosting, make use of the information in the "General" tab.


NB: the user name and password of your control panel will NOT work as FTP login data.



If you no longer remember your FTP password you can enter a new password by clicking "Edit".


For information on how to create additional FTP users, click here: How to manage FTP users?


It is also possible to manage the separate files of your hosting by using the file manager.


Choose "File Manager"


Click "Open File Manager"

Only one link might be displayed here if the http and https folders are combined.


The file manager will open: