Frontpage is not working anymore. What can I do?


Since Year 14/04/2009, Microsoft removed the Mainstream support for Frontpage and the extended support ended 08/04/2014. Source:

To maintain a stable and secure hosting platform, the support has therefore also been removed from our webhosting platform.

What can you do?

As alternative we included in your package a website editor tool called Sitebuilder. This tool is very easy to make a very nice looking website. It also has all the functionality that Frontpage had and much more. You do not need to download Sitebuilder. You can just activate it in your control panel and start editing your website from an internet browser.

For more info on Sitebuilder and how to get started please read this article: Moving your website to Sitebuilder

If you would like to have support on how to do this, you can contact us on 080023452 option 3 or via mail on