How do I migrate my account from Linux to Windows hosting and vice versa?

  1. Fill in the order form for a new hosting subscription and, in question 1 of the form, specify that this order relates to a change of an existing subscription.

  2. You will be informed by e-mail when a new hosting is available. The old site will remain active for another 20 working days free of charge. After 20 days your old subscription will be closed and your old site will no longer be available.

  3. You have 20 working days to put your new site online on your new hosting. In the meantime your domain name will continue to refer to your old subscription and you can only reach your new site via the direct access URL which you can find in the control panel of your new subscription under website management > Web:

If you prefer working with, say,, that is possible too: to do so, go to:  How to add subdomains?

4. Now create your new site.

When it is ready you will need to adjust your domain name so that it refers to the new website. For this, log in on the control panel and go to "Hosted domains". Select the domain name and click "View details"


NB! Before going any further you are advised to make a backup of your website. To know how, click How do I make a backup of my website?

After that, click "Change hosting"

Now you can choose which subscription you would like to link your domain name to:
Change the hosting and the subscription type and number as shown below and follow the wizard

If you have only one website you don't need to change the URL path and the standard settings are fine.

If your subscription allows you to host several websites on one subscription you can enter another URL path. In "URL path", fill in the location of the files of your new website.


NB! Bear in mind that the content can be overwritten if you choose an existing location. Click "Next".

Click next on the Website Settings Screen.

Select this box if you want the statistics to be activated on your website:

The last step gives you an overview of what will be done. Click "Finished".

NB: It can take up to an hour before the switch to your new website becomes visible to all your visitors.


If your domain name is not managed by Belgacom it will not be possible for this switch to take place automatically.


In that case you will need to let your domain name manager now the IP address to which your website is pointing. This information can be found in the control panel via Home->Website management->Website configuration. For more info: What is the IP address or name of my Web Hosting?