What logs and statistics are available

Log in on the control panel of your web hosting as described in “ How do I obtain access to my web hosting control panel?


At the bottom, choose "Web Statistic AWStats"



Choose AWStats to receive reporting on usage over longer periods of time. See an overview of the options here:


  • Number of visitors, and number of unique visitors,

  • Visit time and last visits,

  • Logged-in users and last logged-in users,

  • Days of the week and peak hours (pages, visits, KB per hour and per day of the week),

  • Domains/countries of unique visitors (pages, visits, KB, 269 detected domains/countries, GeoIP detection),

For a full list, take a look on this website:



Note that AwStats can be viewed only on hostings associated with a domain name, and that AwStats must first be activated by you before any statistics can be generated and viewed.

The abovementioned screen will be displayed if Awstats is already installed. If it has not yet been installed, the following screen will appear. Here, click "Install"


In the next screen, select the domain name(s) on which you would like to activate the statistics:

Click "Apply".


Bear in mind that you can only select domain names that are linked to a web hosting. After the installation you can click "Browse" to view your statistics.



This will take you to a new screen in which you can find the historical data on the usage of your website:

  • unique users

  • peak load

  • how long the users visited

  • where they came from

  • Etc.


The statistics are always available in the language in which you logged in on the control panel.


In this window, click the URL to open a new window with your web statistics.