How do I make a backup of my website?

Log in on the control panel of my web hosting as described in How do I obtain access to my web hosting control panel? and choose "Backups"



To create a new backup, choose "Add new backup".

Note that backups are stored in an internal Belgacom database and the storage space for this backup is included in the calculation of the disk space quota of your subscription. You can make as many backups as you want, provided that you don't exceed the total disk space of your subscription.


If you want to make a backup of your website for storage on your own infrastructure, you can do so via FTP file transfer.




In the next screen, give a name to your backup and select the websites/databases you want to back up.


Click "Finished" at the bottom left of the screen.

The backup will start and may take some time.

This can be very useful if, say, a new version of the website is launched.



To reset a backup, select a backup to be reset and click "Reset"



Click "OK" in the final screen and the backup will be reset in its entirety.


It is not possible to reset only a part of a backup (e.g. one individual file).