How do i link a domain name with my web hosting?

You must link your new or existing domain name to your website. This is necessary if you want to publish your website.

To do so, log into your Control Panel ( How do I obtain access to my web hosting control panel?) and click "Hosted domains".


Select the domain name that you wish to use for your web hosting.


In the next screen, click "add hosting".



If there are several options, choose the hosting to which you want to link the domain name.


For "Hosting" you can choose between:

  • Domain parking

  • Frame forwarding

  • Standard forwarding

  • Website (Apache)

  • Website (Microsoft IIS)


A brief explanation:

Depending on the subscriptions you have with Belgacom, you will have a greater or lesser number of options here. For a Belgacom Bizz Sitebuilder subscription, you will only have the "Website (apache)" option here.


For more information on what all this means, take a look in our user manual available in the control panel. Click here and search for the topic “Parked domains”.


For "Subscription"

Select on which you want to link the chosen domain name.

Click "Next"


In the following screen you will need to specify a URL path. This is the location in which your website will be stored on the server. In most cases, the standard content is adequate. This lets you configure several separate websites if your subscription allows this. Click "Next".


In the following screen you will receive an overview of what will be configured.

Click "Finished".